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Activaty Stop   
08:50pm 31/05/2006
  Due to lack of time and usage, my LJ will be indefinitely suspended.
I'm still alive and well, just lots of new projects has started, and I can't make it to AE this year again. Things are on the way to a bright year ahead, so when the time comes, I'll reactivate this account.


If you wish to get in touch with me, txt me at 1-403-615-5591
Or snail mail at:
#101 8208 Flint Road SE
Calgary AB
T2H 1G4

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Derka Derka Derka!   
07:47pm 08/01/2006
mood: accomplished
Hmm, not having a computer, or not having time to find one really takes its toll on my sanity.

I guess so much has happened in offline life, that obstruct my interest to put every single thing that happened on LJ. First an foremost, we got the apartment, and as of today, we've gotten pretty settled in our non-parental-dependant lives. We have nearly daily family dinner, made mostly by moi, as I'm the housewife of the family. And sometimes Sakito (the kitty) helps by freaking out and destroying things and getting into situation where his life could be in potential danger so one of us would have to stop what we were doing and go rescue him. Yesh.

I'll have pictures and such next time we come over (to the parent's place, where the compy is). I wanted to make a photoshoot, but yeah. Anyway. Recently, we've been plenty busy with other things that I think I've completely forgotten that I wear makeup and dresses. UNTIL YESTERDAY!!36481? I went and bought NEW CLOTHES!!11 Yesh. Y'all will see them soon enough. Yesh, the shoes are painful, and it makes random rocks appear inside the shoe. BIG rocks at that.Speaking of big, now I can finally blast D and SID and VIDOLL with bass-ful goodness! Horei! Hmm, we need to burn some new CDs.

Oh yes, recently I watched Team America, which would explain the subject title. Everyone should watch it if you need to clean out some extra brain cells. Also, we got Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla, and its sequel, Godzilla Tokyo S.O.S. Waaaaa! It has reawaken my dai kaiju fandom! w00ts! And so, afterwards, I went to buy Godzilla Save the Earth for PS2. It makes me happy. I also got Minna Daisuki Katamari Damashii, it's very much like a bad mushroom trip, but in a good and happy way. Kelly was saying how I don't have much non-creepy games. *(-w-)*

[This section was truncated]

That's all for now. I guess.
Oh, by the way, "It looks so easy in porn! Gah! I just don't know where I'm supposed to put it! Durr, here, you have to teach me..", that was a quote from moi a week ago. And I'm not saying anymore on that topic.

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Merry Politically Correct Holiday!   
05:50pm 28/12/2005
mood: horny
First and foremost, I'd like to introduce to the world, the wonders of a new semi-religious holiday, dubbed STRAP-ON DAY!!!!11777 It was conceived during a conversation with Sarah, and his disguse over how people who don't believe in christmas are forced to acknowledge its existence through the media, shops, and choral singers inside malls. So we decided we shoul;d have a holiday to force everyone to celebrate. And we decided it's going to be in teh summer, since its lackage of holidays then. Also, you can get naked easier in teh summer.

Secondly, I would like to thank my karmic cycle for the deliverance of such great BODILY HARM and PHYSICAL INJURIES to me this Year's End, the list of the ailments I currently suffer from as I'm typing this up, is as follows:
1) I sliced off the tip of my right ring finger on the slicer at work last thursday, I've never seen so much blood gush from a single wound on my body before, it still hurts if I type too hard, or do anything with it.
2) Itchings of multiple places including but are not limited to the legs, groin and thigh area has lead to missing skin from over-scratching. Patches of skinlessness stings and sores even now.

3) A fast-food-industry-induced acne that had developed on my right cheek had been oozing unknown substances for days, I feel it might be infected, as it burns and aches in all my waking moments.

4) The chalezian or however you spell it is thinking of coiming back, it has made attempts in forms of oozing pus from my eyelid and blood pus mixture down my cheek during my sleep.

5) Last but not least, I contracted common influenza this weekend.

Horei, merry holiday to me. One cou;ld never ask for anything better than miscellaneous pains and injuries, to remind them that with every one good thing, comes a multiply of 10 bad things. I named this due to the fact that I'M FINALLY MOVING IN WITH DER HUBBY IN 3 DAYS!!!! And thus my many happiness and wishes fulfilled has attracted the handful of pains and suffering.

Oh, today I met someone from Coquitlam who came here for vacation, she was a customer. Coincidentally, she knows all the chinese ex-friends I used to know in highschool. Creepy, yet surprising coincidence at work. I miss Vancouver more so than usual, during holidays/. Particularly, Jessie's family, and Crystal, and Krystal and Anna (whom I accidentally saw in an issue of Cure as Sendai Kamotsu cosplay), and Maggie/Mei, and running into Bill everyday in different towns and situations. And all the FALITAS, term coined last night while discussing with Kelly the many Fat Lolitas in Vancouver. XD

Oh, I got some interesting stuff for Christmas. Including SD Gundam Figures of Wing Zero Custom, and normal Deathscythe (Buuuuu!), and a set of Kozuka, Tanto and Katana (finally! I have pointy things to brag about! They're green though, green isn't my color, so buuuu!), and the best pressie of all from the best person of all.... SILENT HILL 1 from KELLY!!!! Even though it's old, but HOLY CRAP you can tell where the other games, especially 2 and 3, got their stuff from. AND NOW I OWN THE ENTIRE SERIES!!! FUFUFUFUFU!!!11136481?

I'll have to come back to Vancouver as we settle down here, to grab the rest of my stuff, and to introduce my marvelous husband to all my now-estranged homies. And possibly re-introduce myself to those who forgotten who I am, or was. And bring back some bootleg vk stuff for people here who have very limited access to those kinds of things. Like skin whitening cream. Or life-size Gackt standee. I wonder if that's still there...

OH YES, and make Puri! ThERE ARE NO PURI MACHINES HERE!!!! >w<
TOPATO!! <- new word invented last week, a topato is the instance you left a potato out too long, and when you open it, it's a strange array of colors, and smells horrible, thus becoming a dark-side version of its former self, called a Topato. Kelly's eyes are sometimes the color of topatos.
Oh yes, if I hadn't mentioned it already, go buy Fatal Frame 3.

Oh yes #2, we went in and Kelly had her Depo-Provera shot yesterday. No side effects has festered so far, at least none we noticed. Apparently the side effects on the little booklet that comes with it are long term, as in they're show up when you're 50 and you just blame it on old age. Gud gud gud. That said, I fear that my home-life will be riddled with wild, unprotected pouncing sessions that makes the most abstained catholic minister quiver with undying lust and soils his holy robes with gallons of sacrilegious spooge.

I think I might've said too much. ^^'

Grope me? ~~I have been molested 2 times ^_~

YOSH! Pictures!!   
09:12pm 21/12/2005
mood: Retarded
PICK CHURES! Cut so you people can't yell at me!Collapse )
Umm. These are from our staff dinners. In plural!!
Yes. I don't have anything to say right this minte, so I'll leave the saying for another entry.
10 DAYS!!!!!

Grope me? ~~I have been molested 3 times ^_~

Wow, haven't updated in so long! Tastes like butterflies..   
11:15am 13/12/2005
mood: Gay

Wow. So much happened!! Again! You guys will see that from now on, every entry will be full of happenings, as I rarely get time to update anymore. My typing speed has slowed to maybe 40 wpm. Cry.

Let's see... first things first: WE GOT THE APARTMENT!!
So we're moving in by January or sooner hopefully
It's relatively spacious, for 2 peoples and a kitty anyway. 1 bedroom. Tiled kitchen, carpeted everywhere else. Power, heat and water included in a monthly $769. Horei!

Secondly.. Taste like butterflies..
I'd probably have to explain it, even though it might still make no sense afterwards. I was playing Fatal Frame 2 a long while ago, and we were following the crimson butterflies. I said "Mmm, tasty butterflies.." and the questioned raised of what butterflies tastes like. Kelly said "butterflies tastes like cherries.." and I replied "..butterflies tastes like crotch!! >_<" And so .. tastes like butterflies.. Not that I'm hinting at any shennanigans or anything. ~_^

I probably spelled that wrong.

So, when we make our 3 panel web comic about our comical daily life, it'd be called "Taste Like Butterflies". Horei!

I need the lyrics to Raven Loud Speeeaker. And I'm probably going to buy Tsukiko Amano's "Koe" single for christmas for meeee. I wonder if the PV was on a DVD or something too. I wish I could find it.

16 days until I cease to be a hobo and regain a life and happiness of not being alone every sorrowful twilight. Umm. Yes. Condoms costs a lot. As I've recently found out. You can't even buy the smallest pack for $3. And now there's something called "Trojan Elexa" or something with female pleasure in mind, and they come with little "refreshening wipes" which are just KFC-chicken-wipes with a fancier title, for "refreshening" after teh deed.

Yesterday Archie the manager of the downtown Arby's said to me, "Can't you have less excitements at night?" I was like "What excitement? O_o" and he pointed at my snowcrabs (palm sized hickeys) on my neck/collar/shoulder region. That was amusing. He also found out about Kelly, and gave me the I-knew-you-were-lying-about-being-gay face. That looked something like this: %_%#

Let's not have children, everyone. (children surround me in this library room, and are being obnoxious and annoying)

Oh yes, we made PICK-CHURES!!! For last week as well as last last week. Last last week was teh Frabricland Staff Dinner, last week was the Arby's Staff Dinner. Both of which we dressed up for. It was blazing good times. At the Arby's thing, I was in the washroom just prior to leaving, and a man at the urinal said to me, "This is a man's washroom!" in a half broken chinese accent, to which I replied in my manliest voice "Yeah, and your point is?" And he just made this horrified face, that totally lifted my holiday spirit. Then another man came in as I was examining my beauty in the mirror, and he went back out to check the sign of the bathroom. It was nostalgic.

Wow, someone left a comment on this UBER OLD entry: LJ Replying Stats goodness!

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10:16am 06/12/2005
  Dear Person of lunajile's Sour Past "Relationship",

Please refrain from tormenting Kelly any longer. Unnecessarily. From her words, I gathered your accusations towards her are largely bias and untrue, not only that, but most didn't even have to do with her, but rather your own uncaring attitude toward the so-called "relationship". Quoting from her own words, "..the 'relationship' was a joke..". I imagine that your current behaviour has something to do with the whole "I owned her, so even if I treat her badly, no one else can have her" scenario. But please, you didn't even cared at all in the beginning, or throughout. From the information I gathered, the whole reason for the relationship was so that it's "convenient" to you due to your encounters with the male species. And in doing so, I'd imagine you merely claimed the right to be "the girlfriend" without actually paying thought or affection to the relationship, and when it does go sour as the other party realizes taht every passing day has only caused her more sorrow and pain, you turn against her and blamed everything on the victim of this incident. There's nothing wrong with wanting a fulfilling relationship where both parties gives and receives an equal amount of love and joy. And when you wake up in the morning and not think about your significant other, and not only that, when you go outside, and still seek other objects of lust and desire, you know there was something wrong. That said, I hope you realize that you are no longer an active part of Kelly's life, and should act accordingly. Retract your constant accusations in hopes of putting her into another guilt trip, stop the drama, because it's not pretty anymore. Although I'm certain that if you are a sadist, then I'd have nothing to say, but "Do grow the fuck up."


On other news..


Needle-phobes beware! With Depo-provera treatment, you will get an injection in the rear end every three months with a needle that releases a hormone similar to progesterone. This hormone keeps your ovaries from releasing eggs, so it's basically impossible to get pregnant. Yes, they hurt, but here's the good news: most women on Depo-Provera no longer have their periods. So burn those bulky pads and buy some condoms with the money you'll save on tampons. Each shot costs about $40.

On Other news..
Koe LyricsCollapse )

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03:16pm 04/12/2005
mood: Blind but joyful
Lots has happened since the last update. I aven't updated fo so long due to being preoccupied by various things such as husband-pleasing, Fatal-Framing and w3rk. Oh yes. I bought Fatal Frame 3. The logic is that, since this has happened to 2 and 1, that when it first came ou, it was $60. It never gets priced down. No one who bought it will return it, or sell it back to EB. And soon it'll be gone from teh shelves and gone forever. Kelly thinks we should buy one more and sell it back on e-Bay in 5 years. Seeing as Fatal Frame 1 is on e-Bay for $100 now. Anyhow. 3 is impossibly good. Much like how I expected it to be. Everyone should get it (with the exception of Crystal and Jessie, who wouldn't play the damned games themselves, and would need someone to play it for them to watch. Crystal just has no time.) Yesh.

Everyone in 1 and 2 are in 3. The atmosphere is not creepy when you first start, but a lot of extreme horror seeps in later on, and stuff you can relate to, like feeling things under the desk, or hearing strange sounds in teh house or in teh closet. And totally in-yo-face moments that scares even me, even though I survived 2. But holy gackt.

The new D Victor sent me is teh g00t. I need to burn it. But since i lost my headphones, the only place I'd be able to listen to it is at my room with the PS2 and TV. STILL!! Speaking of songs, "Koe" from Fatal Frame 3 is addictive too. I need to find the PV. It's by Tsukiko Amano again, just like "Chou" in 2. I swaer she sounds more and more like Utada Hikaru in every passing album.

Work has been ... gaah. I got fired from Scotia Centre because of those fucking chinese "see-lai" mid-age-unmarried-complainy-women-who-hates-everyone-and-everything. Anyway, I'm working 40 hours a week at the other branch of Arby's now, which explain my inactivity online... BUT!!

WE MIGHT BE MOVING SOON!!! YAAAAAAAY~ <3 An apartment not far from the Heritage Station and where Kelly lives now. $760 a month, so $300 something for each of us. With my current hours, I should get around $900 a month or so, which would be plentiful for this place. I really hope we get it.. time to start the prayers and human sacrifices..

What else... urr. I initially had a lot to write, since so much had happened, but a lot of it I doubt anyone would care. OH! I know. At work one day, the managers was like "Uh, you can't work in the front today." and upon inquiry, it appears that customers might complain about my "admission badges" (giant hickeys the size of snow crabs), so I wasn't allowed to work where anyone can see me. It's not so much the result (me doing pop refills and fries only), but how they put it so .. negatively, as if my badges are some sort of contagious diseased flesh that'll fall off and consume their lack of creative input in a fast food environment. Anyhow.

We're going to Kelly's Fabricland Christmas Staff Dinner tonight, and I'm all done up, but her camera sucks so we were only able to get 2 pictures. I'll upload them now. I think I need to make new icons.

My hubby Kelly

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01:21pm 23/11/2005
mood: Brain Fart
I am so hardcore!1112012Collapse )

"Pimping new coat"

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p00p II   
04:21pm 22/11/2005

I lost my phone access again, according to Rogers, I won't get it back until December 1st. And only if I pay another $200 tomorrow. fUcK.

Also, I lost my headphones. I hope they're at Eaton's, behind the door.


Grope me? ~~

Goblet of Fire gripe, and new-old clothes, and mushy monologues.   
06:19pm 21/11/2005
mood: stressed
I am disappointed. Goblet of Fire was like a .... if they actually made a movie of the book, and then you were watching it on DVD, and you fast forward it. It's like that. I'd say the movie was only about 3 chapters of the whole book, which definitely consisted of more than 3 chapters. Basically, these are the thing the movie did:

1) Death Mark at Quidditch Cup
2) Yule Ball
3) TriWiz Tournament

And skipped everything else. Rita Skeeter's plot was entirely wiped out, aside from like 2 minutes of cameo appearance. The SPEW thing was gone. I don't remember whether Winky appears in GoF, but if she did, that's gone. A lot of Cho Chang x Harry is gone. Most of everything that involved Snape and Moody were gone. All Death Eater things between the Quidditch Cup and the Graveyard is gone. Everything that happened in the school aside from that which I mentioned were gone. All the Fred and George things were gone aside from them putting their names in the Goblet. All the Ministry things are gone. Etc etc etc, the list goes on. Oh, my favorite bits with Hermione and Ron are also gone. *sad* ;_;


Anyway. Me and THE HUSBAND were planning to go thrift store shopping since.. the dawn of time. But every time we seem to have found something better to do. Like play Fatal Frame. Or watch half a movie, then get distracted, then Dad's DAD-O-MATIC goes off, and he walks in on us... while we were not doing anything inappropriate. Of course. Yup. *nod*

Anyhow, today, as I put in my paycheque, I realize that the longer jacket sticking out from the shorter but furrier jacket is extremely horrid looking, as well, the reason I haven't been able to wear skirts lately, is due to the extreme coldness of calgary, in which case, Kelly has experienced first hand last night. And so, as a solution, I went thrift store shopping ahead of our eventual-shopping-session-together, and bought:

- A 3/4 length long coat (not quite the style I wanted, and not quite the color I wanted, but it's still a kick-fuck deal for only $10, fur and all)
- A new pair of shoe-zees, complete with heel and buckles
- A pair fo frilly laced BLOOMERS!!! (rare find)
- A long skirt of the "yankee girls" variety (Ichigo skirt, Shimotsuma Monogatari)
- Another La Chateau translucent gay-man shirt

And I think that's it. Never the less, I was still hoping to go shopping again with mi amour whenever we have the time/money again. Speaking of whom/which, I've been having recent dreams/nightmare about her. And in most cases, she plays the "villain" in the plot. There was one time where she punched me in the crotch and then proceeded to ditch me, rendering me having to chase after and find her for the rest of the dream. I think my eggs have fell into the basket now, and so my subconscious is creating the fear of losing her due to totally random reasons.

Maybe I'm silly. Because it happened in all the times before. Naive, that's the word. Every time, I thought "This must be the one!!11", but things always go wrong, somehow. And most of the time, it's not even any of our fault, but external factors. I can't see anything relationship-threatening happening to us right now, but reality always seem to surprise me, in the most potent and nasty ways. I have to be honest, at first, I wasn't sure if I could love anyone ever again, after a quartet of relationships that ended in sour manners. I was pretty sure that all the love I have to give has already been given, never to recover. And so if things didn't work out before, I could've just walked away unscathed (sp?).

But now. Hmmmm. I think I can relate to the "Pita Ten Syndrome". Basically: Girl meets Boy. Boy didn't care. Boy and Girl befriends. Girl luffs Boy. Boy didn't care. Girl drowns Boy in large amount of affection. Boy notices. Boy didn't want to return affection in fear of something will go wrong. Girl inputs even more affection. Boy attempts to return said affection. Once Boy opened his heart to Girl, he discovers he could've luffed her also. Boy becomes very attached to Girl, and Girl ish teh happy.

Although, Pita Ten ended with a sad ending, as things really did went the way Boy initially thought they would go, in the worst possible scenario, I was only listing the beginning part as an example of how I felt/feel. Anyhow, just thought to spill some beans as all has been a mystery until now. There's probably more I can say about it, but I don't want to upset anyone, especially me. Bad memories are better kept hidden until life threatening situations, or boredom.

I work 14 hours tomorrow. Happy Fun Times. *\(X_x)/*
Oh, a note. I was so smart today. I locked myself out of my Salvation Army room. The card key is inside the room. I noticed after I got to work. Now I have to go back and sort shit out with the security peoples.
Also, I saw a Furry today. She was wearing a fox tail and ears. It was adorable. Reminds me of my old ways.. >_>

Also, the supervisor Marilyn (the OTHER lesbian of Arby's)'s pants bursted today. It was hilarious. She borrowed my safety pins to pin her pants, but those bursted too. Her girlfriend brought new pants to her eventually. It was an interesting spotlight of the day in this very mundane and tedious job.

If I don't work this Saturday, I shall go attend The Bay's job fair thing. I need to stop making burgers, and move on with life plans, while making more moneys to move out with the significant other. Suddenly, I am reminded of Kelly. Hmm. I shall go sort out the key thing with the Sally people, then wallow in lovely memories in my room. And perhaps call her and say possibly mushy things. Yosh!

Grope me? ~~I have been molested 3 times ^_~

What an eventful day. *sigh*   
04:18pm 19/11/2005
mood: Gay
Today I feel accomplished.

Today was the Santa Claus Parade on Stephen Avenue, close to 2 of the 3 Arby's location downtown. I was working at the foodcourt one in Eatons. There was more people than I've ever seen line up in front of foodcourt places, in eons. But that wasn't the fun part.

There was this girl they hired a week ago named Sarah. Maybe it's just me, or I really have this thing with people named Sarah who thinks I'm the ultimate evil, or something. Anyhow, this Sarah girl is not only stupid and arrogant, but is also on a constant fit of PMSing and blaming shit on everyone else that has worked there longer and are more resourceful and useful than herself. What a wonderful employee.

Anyway, she and I, as well as her and a bunch of other people got into these fight-ish things, and at last, while she was throwing my jacket and scarf into the mop water, she was fired. What a relief, although I had to wash the tip of the white scarf because it smelled like doot after being dunked into poopy waters by stupid girl after she decided that that is the most effective way of releasing her anger from being yelled at by the manager seconds ago. Poor scarf.

As she packed her shit and walked away, the lot of us went to go see what she was up to, and she made another last remark, "Don't just stand there and fucking stare, I'm fucking leaving." or something along those lines.

Now what did I got out of this? I realized that I'm not the worst employee they have ever hired, as well, I have replaced all her shifts. So starting next week, I get full-time again. Although it's 8 in the morning. Buuuuu.

So yay.

[edit: My phone died. I'll resolve to pay phones or something.]

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04:36pm 18/11/2005
mood: =_=

Scotia Centre Arby's seems to have fired me. Luckily, I'm not fired completely from the other 2 of the same franchise. Though the uber bad part is that usually I work mon-fri 11:30 to 8:30. All of those hours are gone now. Poop. Oh well. I deserve better anyway. I'll just keep telling myself that.

I should go replenish my makeup supplies at some point. Possibly Sunday before we go see Goblet of Fire. We'll see how does my moneys fare.

I should steal my Hubby's icons of me off of her. Seeing as mine is uber old. Too bad they won't be animated and such. Boos.

Oh yeah. If anyone has any Sendai Kamotsu stuff... donation is much appreciated.
Oh, and the other day I realized how much moi hubby looks like Lucifer Luscious Violenoue. With glasses. She even dresses like her sometimes. Odd. Oh, if anyone has any Lucifer Luscious Violenoue songs, donations are also welcomed.

Hmm, my entry is highly fragmented. I need a shower. A not-too-cold one, because I'm not as prone to unstoppable uncontrollable hornyness as my husband is. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Only sometimes. Hur hur. XD. We're such geniuses. I bought 3 scarfs, one for her, one for me, and one for reserve. We trade every now and then so we'll have each other's scent around all the time. Huzzah-su!

Life has been.. rather mundane lately. The glory of being myself is subdued by the blandness of work and hoboness. I feel like I'm pretending to be someone I'm not. I'm pretending to be a normal male-like being. I'm wearing the mask of a good fast-food employee. Under the veil of not-wearing-makeup. Kinda ironic. The real me wears more make than the pretend me. Ah, how I wish there weren't so many redneck hobos around. And I could wear my own clothes to work.... time to start applying at porn stores again.

They changed my shift so I don't work today. Instead I do tomorrow at 11 up at the food court. I'm gonna head back for a shower and change of clothes and shave, then I'll go give the husband pleasant surprises at her work. Booyaka.

P.S. Draw me some porn. <3. I'll give you Xpander.

Grope me? ~~I have been molested 2 times ^_~

Life is tolling on my LJ updating habit..   
12:47pm 15/11/2005
mood: Emo
As the subject suggest, I've found myself in a million situations that makes it difficult to update LJ often (or as often as I could at the library comps). Recently, a ton of stuff could've happened between the last update to this. I'd love to scan the pics I did from the time I came to Calgary to now, as they sometimes reflect all the things that has happened to me. I never regretted coming here, as this adventure/misadventure is possibly my biggest one to date. The stuff I've done/been done to me since I moved here:

- get kicked out of a big house by someone else's rich but psychotic angry parent
- get thrown boxes at by said angry parent while they abuse the word "fuck"
- lived in awkward situation with black guy and boyfriend of someone I liked even before the boyfriend came into view and the only reason he was there is because I didn't take intiative
- stopped being makeup-ful everyday
- lived with ex-biker gang members
- worked at Superstore
- gotten a camera phone
- worked graveyard shifts
- Changed name to Misque, pronounced MIS-kee, rhyming with Whiskey
- worked at Arby's/still working at Arby's
- became homeless
- lived at Salvation Army shelter/still living at Sally Army shelter
- lined up for homeless meals and daily hygienic supplies
- Changed pronounciation of Misque to just MISK
- actively searched for vk fans in this hick town
- frequent gay bars/nightclubs
- went to fetish events
- consumed massive amounts of alcohol
- got a fine standing on the train platform talking on the phone
- missed the court date to appeal, ended up getting arrested
- went to jail for several minutes
- rode a cop car in the back seat
- gotten a body search
- had an eye surgery without health care insurance
- pre-ordered Revenge of the Sith and picked it up first thing in the morning on Nov 1st
- "stole" Fatal Frame 2 from Blockbuster
- bought my own uber-chinese grocery
- lost friends over trivial matter
- struck by love and lost 9,999 HP
- said love happened to have the exact same birthday as moi, albeit 3 years older
- planning to move out soon with said love
- witness to love's Emo-sibling wrath, comes complete with abuse of the word "fuck" and its derivatives
- found the april 2005 Kagrra, DVD, bootleg but thorough bootleg, at Chinatown (comes with all original content on real dvd)
- found Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children bootleg, with as-good-as-no english subs, but rather good chinese subs
- found Oboreru Sakana, the movie in which IZAM was a crazy yakuza nightclub owner that likes to fondle transgendered young cop boys while practicing immense ass-kicking moves on older yakuza recon men

So yes.
Today I went to work as usual, and they hired this fat white girl to replace me. The ugly, trash-talking-behind-your-back co-worker muttered something like "I think it's the same with or without you here.." and things like "you're even worse than Richard (the disabled guy that works there).." and "Maybe you should consider going home to dwell on why you are so useless.." and "I'm sure nobody will miss you even if you don't come to work.." and "no one can understand your non-chinese english accent anyway.." (they all speak chinglish, so that's why they can't understand my non-accented english).

So yes.
I went home. On the way picking up the form to fill out for CUPS to pay for my damage deposit, apparently which I have to get my employer to fill out a part. I'll just get the Vicpark english-speaking coworkers to fill it for me, as the chinese fuckers won't want to see me ever again at Scotia.

I've never felt more racist in a long time.

Anyhow. While I have my own problem to deal with, I'm also perpetually worried about Kelly (husband <3). Things haven't been well at home. In fact, I've concluded that everyone has depressions and home issues, but when you don't know them enough, they won't tell you, and you won't witness the domestic violence. Everyone except Jessie, because Jamie and Blue are like what every parent should be. Jessie just has insecurities about other things. Such as brain-exploding school issues. And people she used to hang out with whose parents are paranoid and European which causes them to believe that the people shouldn't hang out with her anymore because she might try to rape them in their waking presence. However, seeing as I haven't seen Jessie for more than half a year now, I'm in no place to say what she is worried about now.

Oh, the previous paragraph is the "I missed Jessie and Blue and Jamie" monologue.

Ever since the bitchy-sibling yelling incident at Kelly's house, we've been hiding out in the hospitality of our friends. Not all of which welcomed us into their private sanctuary, seeing as they all have their own emo-problems to deal with. And we got our own emo-problems as well. It's an emo emo world. Although we went to Benn and Moco (I can only assumed it's spelled like that due to the fact she is not Japanese)'s house yesterday and played Fatal Frame, that wasn't too too bad. Unlike that other awkward night at Sarah's. Apparently his bubble bath gel exploded in his makeup drawer, and I felt an accusing vibe from him as we left, probably because I took a shower in his bathroom just prior to the explosion. I also think that he felt awkward having me and Kelly over and being all lusty-dovey (as opposed to lovey-dovey? XD), because Kelly told me Sarah used to/still likes her. I imagined it's sorta like when I lived with Justin, and ED came over all the time, and they'd lock the door and strange sounds will come out, while I sadly watch senseless television to pass the time when they do naughty things in a room next to me.

The government should open public-private room things for couples-with-no-where-to-go-for-intimacy for free. I imagine it must be pretty weird to invite your friends over only to have them make out on your couch as you walk in on them carrying a tray of snacks later, so it must be how people felt, although we haven't actively made-out per se, in anyone's house yet.

Anyway, I have 2 minutes left, so I'll submit this emo-ness now, and write more another day. X_+

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Tidbits of teh recent..   
11:27am 09/11/2005
mood: Can't wait til next Hubby-day
I just remembered a few things to jot down here.

Firstly, a while ago, me and moi hubby were watching Otogiriso. At some point we were distracted by .. each other.. *fakecough*, and then the characters in the movie said "Don't get carried away!". It was creepy but a great double-yoo-tea-eff moment. X_x

Also, I need to stash away some money for moving out purposes. Just a self-reminder.
Annnnnd.. Ohyeah! I need to find out Victor's and Kiku's emails, since I can't send stuff to their respective phones.

Durr.. ohyeah! If anyone has old-ass Velvet Eden PVs, donations would be highly appreciated. (We already have Sad Mask, and I can't find my Maze and La Fin... T_T)

Ohyeah! I've gotten 2 of the things on my New Year Resolutions done. I preordered ROTS's dvd even before it came out, so I just went to pick it up on November 1st, and wasn't disappointed. Also, last night, I went through an arduous quest to finally gotten my hands on.. *drumroll*...
FATAL FRAME 2!!!1111

If you read this, if your eyes are passing over this right now, even if we don't speak often, please post a comment with a memory of you and me. It can be anything you want, either good or bad. I promise not to come after you with a spatula(i'll come out at u with a shotgun spork sock cabbage baby lot of harsh language!)

When you're finished, post this little paragraph on your blog and be surprised (or mortified) about what people remember about you!

I think that's about it for now. Wow, I'm already late for w3rk. w00ts! #_#

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12:00pm 08/11/2005
Random Comic Generator v2.0 by Delya
Paper or plastic?
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Quiz created with MemeGen!

Hur hur, to quote a famous person who isn't famous yet due to lack of global recognition:
It's hard to stay horny when you're listening to SHAZNA.


I have to go to w3rk now.
And pay my expensive phone bill.
Which I found out I don't have any unlimited minutes on.
And it's only 100 day time minutes, and 1000 evenings and weekends.
Which explains why it's $98.
I changed my plan. But it's only effective starting on the 25th.
It is teh suck.
At this rate, I won't be able to save for moving out at all.

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Hurr, update of sort, I guess.. +_+   
04:31pm 06/11/2005
  Let's see, all the past entries had been relatively confusing so far, so I guess I'll go and make another one of those lazy-people-point-form-event-listing things again. Starting from when I went to get my Opthalmological surgery, here's a list of what happened soon after:

- Eye surgery costed a lot, can't pay, "Uncle Paul" paid for me and I owe him $180 now.

- At first they gave me an eyepatch, but soon I find it's really hard working with two-dimensional vision, so I took it off and find that the scarring isn't that bad (though you can still tell where the scar is, when I'm make-less)

- Finished Silent Hill 3 for Kelly (lunajile), and her sister Janzi (wyndigo).

- Caused inadvertant recurring nightmares to Kelly from Silent Hill 3.

- Work hours fluctuate, and now I started working those 11 hour shifts every day.

- Soon, I become late almost every morning, and management decided it's probably a good idea if I don't work 11 hours every day, so I can have saturday and sunday of if I wanted to.

- Kelly , Donna (sirenslovesong) and I went to rent movies, I introduce them to asian horror, specifically "The Eye".

- Rented "The Eye 2" on a later date. Produced increased fear of infants and babies and birth henceforth.

- Kelly's emotional (apparently "girly") side emerges, her relationship, or what's left of it crumbles, once again, I get to be counsellor of sort, somewhat inadequate one at that. Also attempting to hold back personal feelings in order to not screw up her relationship even more, to no avail.

- Levelled up to a Homewrecker lvl 2!!

- Let slip a simple sentence of "You're better off with me" on the phone in a particular conversation with crying-Kelly.

- Soon after, Kelly reverted to her happy, Slurpee-ed self during outtings with Donna, Sarah and I. All seems fine, if not better than.

- Went to see Tim Burton's Corpse Bride with Kelly. It was delightful, though I was watching someone more than the actual movie. *smile*

- Kink Night, awkwardness ensues as Kelly's girlfriend/ex-girlfriend appears as predicted. Kelly assumes "pimping" application, with one person in each arm. I imbibe 1 bottle of Smirnoff Ice, and was a pile of slutty flesh soon after. Catt and Mike were present, and concerned.

- I couldn't say Kelly took advantage of me when I was drunk, because it was willing. (can't be rape if it's willing! +_=) But it wasn't as bad as I make it sound. Just small kisses, is all.

- I think at this point, our feelings were mutual. Anyhow, she attempted to sneak me into her house, but her mom didn't buy the whole "drunk story". That plan failed. I just had to act sober to get in Sally Army. (you get expelled if they discovered you're drunk when you come in)

- Everything after that would better be left unsaid, as mushy detail ensues.

- So all of a sudden, I've gotten me-self a husband. Hur hur. XD

Uh oh the library is closing, and I should get over to Fabricland to "receive" the Kelly, and we're gonna go see Saw II tonight. Gore ahoy!

Oh, Izabel Varosa's first single had been stuck in my head for the duration of most of these point form entries. Yes.

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Tell-tale signs of falling in love..   
10:26am 04/11/2005
  One of the major component in falling in love these days, is when you unknowingly write down emo/lolita-ish poems when you're sitting down between making sandwiches at work. I have me convinced.. O_o

Seasonal D'amour

Somber kisses wept over a sea of dying Autumn's foolishness
Summer glanced long behind her back and whispered a hint of rememberance
The loves that frolicked sheets of Spring had come and gone
In the absence of warmth, the looming Winter lets out her ghastly sigh of memories

My Recollection of What Happened Last Friday Night
Fluttering lights and memories danced playfully through the midst of caress
A warm, jolting touch
A familiar scent of the space between her hair and the nap of her back
The faint flavour of alcohol still lingered in my lips
Hers poured pictures of an alluring magic
A cryptic desire, an entwining conflict
A bittersweet nocturne of chaos
In my heart, a bolero
With every second passed, a moment of impossible bliss
Closer and closer, she sang a rhapsody of coveted dreams unto me
Time was drowning in its own juices of desire and envious lust
And an asphixiation of the most beautiful kind was due

I wrote a third one as well, but it was a random rhyme called "When You're Hungry", and it's just a random make-no-sense commentary on how when I'm hungry I'll eat people. And such. *gnaws on people-meats*

I posted Nakey Pics 2 entries ago, but where are my PVs?? *_+
Also, if someone has the PV of Naito's "Tsuki no hikari, utsutsu no yume", it'd be largely appreciated. That, and if anyone has Raven Loud Speeeaker on mp3.. >_>

Durr. If anyone is confoozed regarding the last entry.. well, there's nothing I can do about it. ^_^ *sheepish grin*

For the latest picture of moi, check my Hubby's entry here.

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I'm not dead!!12012   
06:08pm 02/11/2005
mood: Molested


The end! ^_^~♥

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09:32pm 23/10/2005
mood: Puh
Hur hur hurCollapse )

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Stuff I still need to get in order to survive until the next pay cheque..   
05:03pm 13/10/2005
  - Oxy pads: working in a greasy environment does not bold well for my beautiful flesh
- Lip gloss: alternative to lipstick in Level-1 Days, like at work and such
- Gloves, scarfs, and fuzzy hat, jacket: I saw a perfect coat at The Bay's "style outlet" floor, it was originally $400, now it's $100. And there's only one left. I'm tempted. But.
- Bus passes
- Food-to-eat-while-not-at-work-and-hunger-strikes
- Bleach and dye for hair: My hair is going stupid, and I missed my lengthy locks, I wish it'd grow faster. But. All I can do now is to fix it slightly at least in the color department.
- Long dress with folds: To complete the Ichigo look (Shimotsuma Monogatari), as I already got the red shades, and a tight petit "schooly jacket"
- Puffy socks, preferrably white: for the complete ko-Gals experience
- Speakers + sub. Since my dad refused to bring mine over.
- Gay Pirate eyepatch: can be Bling-ed up for a Kiwamu-ful look
- Fuzzy winter boots

Things that needs to be done:
- scan pics
- upload nakey ones
- trade them for PVs
- save money for moving out, or at least pay security deposit
- Go thrift-shopping with Kelly
- Think of a new and possibly less feminine name for Kelly that isn't British or in any existing language
- Get completely un-sick

Today, I went to look for the thrift store, and couldn't find it. However, my trip was not in vain. I came across a pair of $12 red shades, as well, I sold Kunoichi and the ROTS game back to Blockbuster, and used the store credits to pre-order ROTS. For those not nerdy enough, ROTS stands for Revenge of the Sith, Star Wars Episode III, coming out on DVD on November 1st. I've already paid for the whole thing, now I just have to anticipate, and go pick it up on the day. *soils self in excitement*

I hope I didn't broke Veronica's family like I did Grima's. I hope that wasn't the reason she didn't came to work yesterday so that I had to cover her. Hmm. We'll see tomorrow as we (finally) have a shift together. Now it's time to go google up some more Vidoll lyrics, as well as location of thrift stores nearby.

Grope me? ~~